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Amber Cook
Alexandra's Mom

I love this project. I found out about the Laws of the Universe after watching the movie "The Secret". I started looking online and found out this website. What a blessing to me and my grandkids. We have done the challenges and even got specific answers to our questions.

Cathy Mcfarling
Anna and Sarah's Mom

I have two wonderful girls. This website has helped me so much to share this beautiful message with my girls. It is our responsibility as parents to teach our kids the Law of Attraction. I still believe it took me too long to figure it out. I want my girls to have a better future.

Michal Lee
I love all my kids :)

I am a teacher. I have a degree in childhood education and I love to teach. After learning about the Law of Attraction and applying it to my life I came to realized I needed to pass this information to my kids. What a blessing to see how to understand it without any rejection.

Kimberly Gibson
Emma’s Super Mom

I have always been grateful for all the things in my life. And I taught my kids about it, about visualization. I am happy that we found this website as it put all the information together. And most important, I love the ideas and inspiration I get via email.