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At LawOfAttractionForKids.com our main goal is to help parents,
from all over the world and kids, to understand the Laws of the Universe by:

  • By providing weekly videos to teach them about the Laws
  • By providing challenges that the kids can do to learn more
  • By providing weekly emails with tools for parents
  • By providing and encouraging other parents

If you feel you want to be part of our team, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are always looking for parents to help us keep expanding this wonderful project.

Parent’s Testimonials
Amber Cook
Alexandra's Mom

I love this project. I found out about the Laws of the Universe after watching the movie "The Secret". I started looking online and found out this website. What a blessing to me and my grandkids. We have done the challenges and even got specific answers to our questions.

Cathy Mcfarling
Anna and Sarah's Mom

I have two wonderful girls. This website has helped me so much to share this beautiful message with my girls. It is our responsibility as parents to teach our kids the Law of Attraction. I still believe it took me too long to figure it out. I want my girls to have a better future.

Let’s raise Day Dreamers that will conquer the world!
With the Law of Attraction, positive thoughts, beliefs, and expectations create prosperous and successful realities.
Meet Our Team

Meat our amazing team. We have a clear purpose to change the life of children all over the world by teaching them the Laws of the Universe. We are always looking for amazing people that wants to help us move this proejct forward.

Please join us TODAY!

Kids Motivational Speaker
Since I discovered the Law of Attraction, I cannot help but share it with all my friends!.
Middle School Rebel
I day dream all day long and I am blessed to have a mom that encouranges that.