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FREE Gratitude Journal for Boys

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As you teach your kids to read and write, you can also encourage them to keep a gratitude journal.  It is so beautiful to teach kids the art of gratitude and the value of appreciating everything in their lives.

Here are five components for teaching gratitude:

  1. Be Consistent (ex. before going to bed for example)
  2. Be an Example
  3. Read it aloud during family time

Below, there are two different boys’ gratitude journals available to you, both for FREE! The first version is vertical and the second version in horizontal. Both have the same cover page and colors. You decide which one will work better for your child!

Printing and Binding – Little Kids Version

I printed the cover page on card stock and the rest of the pages on printer paper, I used a regular hole punch and brass fasteners to hold each book together. Remember to also include reading scripture and praying as part of the gratitude program.

LOA_card Design C landscape front LOA_card Design C landscape back 
To download and print, just click on the page and then Cntrl+P (or File –> Print)

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