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Give the gift of an Abundant Life
Enriching The Mind One Child At A Time
LawofAttractionforkids.com is a place to share ideas on how to raise children that are aligned with the Universe, trust their intuition, are connected with their angels, and understand the importance of the Laws.

This is not your typical parenting blog! If you feel this is for you, please join us in this journey of conscious parenting by teaching our kids about:

Laws of the Universe
Finding Purpose
Laser Focus Jedis
Igniting A Brighter Future
Remember the days you were not allowed to day dream? Well guess what, it is time to ask our kids to start day dreaming so they can ignite a new generation that will Brighten our Future!
Inspiring kids to BELIEVE!
We create reality. Get in harmonious vibration with the good you desire and BELIEVE. The moment you change your thinking you will change your life and your new reality will be AWESOME!
Let’s raise Day Dreamers that will conquer the world!
Imagine, Explore, Discover - From 0-4 Years Old!

Kids are born with a limitless soul. Unfortunately, as parents we keep reminding them of their limitations. It is time to get out of the norm and help our kids DREAM BIG!   Kids are a natural for this and with your help they can learn to take imagination to the next level.

How to Conquer School! - From k to 6 Grade

This is a critical age where kids end being FREE spirits and become part of a system that set all kind of rules. How do we keep those spirits alive? How do we inspire young kids to keep dreaming in an atmosphere that does not encourange it?

Find your Real Purpose - For Teens

This is such a critical period in the life of our kids. It is imperative we give our kids the tools they need to succed in life. We know we are here for a purpose and our main goal is to help them find such purpose so they can align their vision and goals to it.

The Laws of the Universe
The laws of the Universe do not change.  We need to understand them and obey them. Once we are in harmony with the Universe and the Laws, life will be amazing.
The Art of Music
Music is very important in the development process. Kids should be expose to all kind of music since the moment they are conceived.  Violin is a great example of an instrument kids can start learning at about age 3.
Babies can READ!
Yes, that is right. Baby are born genius and you can teach them anything you could think off. From speaking multiple languages to math combinations. There is no limit in what they can learn.
Teach them The Laws of the Universe!

The laws of the Universe are so precise that we have no difficulties building a spaceship and sending people to the moon. We can even time the landing with almost complete precision. How could it be that this is possible considering the distance from the moon?

Praise and Encourage

It is so important that we concentrate on raising our kids up and not pushing them down. They need us to remind them how amazing they are.

Positive Outlook

Be positive. Do not say “I can’t” say “How Can I?” We need to teach our kids to stay in a positive energy at all times. Let’s avoid bad habits!

Giving and Receiving

Life is not about taking from it, but it is also about how much you give back. Give and you will received. Is a critical Law we must teach.

Focus and Belief

Teach your kids the importance to focus in their dreams and desires with a positive attitude and full expectation. Dream! Dream! Dream!